We are Paul Revere

My neighbor has the right to choose to be afraid.

If he is afraid that I unknowingly carry an illness, he has the right to be afraid of me. He has the right to stay away from me. But he does not have the right to control me, detain me, or deface me.

If he comes near me and I am ill, he may catch my illness. If he fears my illness he can stay away.

I will come to him if he needs me, even if he’s sick.

When we are well, I’ll eat with him in a restaurant, sit next to him in a theatre or wait in line with him at the grocery store. I’ll never force him to do anything against his will and I expect the same respect from him.

I accept the inherent risk of death in life. If I should inadvertently catch an illness from him, I will not hold him responsible. Even if I perish. This is how it’s always been, and it’s how it should always be.

If I am knowingly ill, I pledge to respect my neighbors and contain my illness as best I can while still providing for myself and my family. I cannot guarantee that I will not spread a pathogen, but I will be considerate.

I promise to never rob, murder, envy, vandalize or bear false witness against my neighbor.

Take the pledge

I pledge civil disobedience
and from life to not abstain.
On threat of death, of loss of freedom,
or in the face of pain.
As of this day it’s back to normal,
I’ll serve my neighbor hence.
I’ve joined this cause, will come when called, and seek no recompense.

I make myself of no repute.
I chase no power nor fame,
But because you are astute
you wish to know my name…

I’ll give it in this darkened hour,
all I ask is never cower,
never grumble, never fear.
The time has come to disobey.
We are Paul Revere.

After you’ve taken the pledge, download the doublesided handout below. Walk around the block and share the good news with your neighbors that the shutdowns are over.

Science you can trust.

Coronavirus restrictions killing 10,000 children per month…

“repercussions of the pandemic are causing more harm to children than the disease itself…”

End Social Distance, Commence Focused Protection

“Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal.” -Professors at Standford, Oxford & Harvard

Stress from virus response will destroy 7x more years of life than lockdowns save: Study

“Some people consider this a crisis of ‘health vs. economy.’ That is not correct — it is ‘health vs. health,’ with the economy suffering collateral damage,” Glen said, adding, “By choosing to ‘lockdown,’ policymakers are choosing the greater of two evils, not the lesser.”

25 Ways the Shutdown Kills People

The cure is worse than the disease.

Masks & Social Distancing “Utterly Useless”

“This is not ebola, it’s not SARS. It’s politics playing medicine and that’s a very dangerous game.” – Dr. Roger Hodkinson Medical Specialist in pathology and virology, trained at Cambridge University, Ex-President of the pathology section of The Medical Association

Masks do not protect anyone.

“There is nothing any of these masks do to protect you from me. Aerosols will not be stopped by man.” -Dr. Ted Noel

If everyone disobeys, the shutdowns will be over. We are MILLIONS strong. They can’t stop us all.

How to disobey

Step 1) Commit to a maskless life.

Step 2) Resume social gathering.

Step 3) Commit to working if you’re well.

Step 4) Prepare to be confronted.

Step 5) Be ready with an answer.

Advice from retired Sheriff’s Deputy Gordon Carroll, author of Sheepdogs….